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Problems in the Front Office of the New Jersey Devils

We’re used to winning. We love our GM, and hell, ILWT is named after him. We have been one of the NHL’s most elite teams over the last 20 years, and we don’t miss the playoffs much, something only Red Wings fans can hold over us in better light. However, much like the rest of our fan base, I’ve started to worry a bit. I’m not talking about the impulsive panic mode kind of worrying, rather the more dangerous of “is there anyone home” type of worrying.

Lou doesn’t like making big splashes; he’s not Ray Shero. The Kovalchuk deal caught us all by surprise for sure, as did Zach Parise’s departure from free agency. This is a team that always seems to have an answer, but I think they keep using this “status quo” excuse because of the fact that they actually do not have an answer this time around. I think the coaching staff, the front office, and even teammates are scared to admit that they completely underestimated losing Zach Parise. We have survived the loss of big named players in the past, but nobody contributed more to the system than Zach did this time around.

With Marty on his way out, and our defense looking like crud, I’m starting to get a little antsy. Not to mention our past few first rounders haven’t really panned out all that well, and despite what we all think of Scott Wedgewood and Keith Kinkaid, scouts from around juniors and college have consistently said that these guys are not NHL goaltenders by the slightest margin (I actually think Kinkaid has a great shot though, and I’m a Long Islander so I’m rooting for him).

With all of that being said, is it time that we take a step back and see what we can get? Should Lou sell away a few roster guys and drain even more picks for a dangerous sniper like Thomas Vanek? We’ve proven that we cannot score, and that even when we have one goal leads, we cannot hold them. Is Lou doing something completely under the radar like he did with Kovalchuk? Remember, nobody really knew that it happened until it happened.

Lou has made some great calls, but nobody is perfect. Loktionov was a steal and he’ll be here for a while. D’agostini might get hot once he gets used to the system. But like the previous fan post said, our defense down the line as it currently stands flat out sinks below the competition, and some of our promising prospects are not quite NHL ready.

Point being, our team might have depth, but it isn’t a good kind of deep. To me, it’s a pool of mediocrity, like a Big Gulp filled with 28 different sodas. The colors of the rainbow may be beautiful when they’re neatly separated, but if you put all of them together in one bucket, all you get is a mucky shade of brown.

Oh, and by the way, I can’t wait for Reid Boucher. Let’s hope we haven’t over hyped him.


What it means to be a hockey fan:

Well, with the Stanley Cup finals concluded, and with the champions having been crowned (hockey puns, wow), the summer begins, a long summer that reminds us how much we miss the ice and the excitement that is the fastest team sport on the planet. I am a huge New Jersey Devils fan, die hard as a matter of fact, and although I’m slowly adjusting to baseball, playing it and following the Yankees (my other favorite childhood team), I can’t help but think how hockey has impacted my year as a whole and my life.

You see, with any sport, there are fans. Fans are what makes professional sports a business. Without them, well, there would be no professional sports, at least not the kind where athletes get paid or there are fortune 500 companies that happen to have their offices in the confines stadium or arena. And while we’re at it, we might as well call these arenas our second or third homes, where we love to let go, shout, celebrate, and socialize.

Hockey is so much more than that though. No other sport has a blaring horn that goes off every time a point/goal/run/wicket/etc. is scored and allows for music to be played at full volume with a bunch of fans almost instantaneously yelling and screaming at the top of their lungs. No other sport carries the sensation of an immediate temperature change as soon as you enter the arena bowl. No other sport is as fast paced, bone crunching, or skillfully played like the game of hockey. And while many of us fans can and do play hockey, there’s nothing like doing the second best thing; there’s nothing like watching a game live on T.V. with commentators like Doc Emerick making you scream every time a shot on goal barely misses the net.

And just like that, before you know it, it’s only a matter of time before hockey begins; only a matter of time where players hit the ice and we, as fans, buy tickets again to experience the greatest thrill that is anything but defying gravity. Only three months until it starts all over again.

The New Jersey Devils posing with the Prince of Wales trophy as 2012 Eastern Conference Champions of the National Hockey League.
Photo credit: New Jersey Devils

Welcome to my WordPress page!

Hey guys! Many of you (or the three of you, anyway) are coming here from either my Tumblr or Facebook. To that, I say, welcome and thank you! This is going to be my more professional and un-teenager like page, where I comment on current events, happenings on Wall Street, news items, and serious issues. So in short, if you don’t like boring legal stuff, I welcome you to return back to my Tumblr at http://dmm200.tumblr.com/ where you’ll find the less professional side of me. Thanks!